Mosman @ Back Bay - October 11, 2014

Back Bay Sharks welcomed Mosman Rugby Whales to Peninsula Park for the final game of their USA Tour.  After a busy 2 weeks traveling around the USA Mosman were ready for a game against Back Bay at the picturesque A Street and showed up, ready for action.

Both teams played with heart, trading tries and blows throughout the game but the final result was a victory for Mosman with a score of 37 - 28.  Clearly the weeks of rugby (and maybe a few drinks?) tooks its toll on some of the Mosman players and by 60 minutes at least 3 Mosman players were emptying their stomaches in unison.  It was a beautiful display of team work.

Back Bay would like to thank Mosman for their great spirit and look forward to hosting them in the future.  Two of Mosman's current players are previous Back Bay players.  Alex Miles and Anthony Bowden were welcomed back to Newport Beach.

After the game all players enjoyed a few drinks and food at The Harp Inn.

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Health Insurance you need

With the upcoming season looming on the horizon and preseason starting in a month, it’s time to start getting ourselves prepped and ready.  However, just by the nature of this game, there is one thing that you can’t always prep your body for- injuries.  When they do happen, it’s important to get it taken care of right away (take it from a guy who has spent the past 2 ½ years in a cast, limping or otherwise hurting).  I know medical costs can deter a lot of us from seeking out immediate medical treatment, but the importance of getting yourself checked out quickly is paramount to getting back on the field at full fighting strength.
A Hospital Indemnity Policy is an incredibly cost effective way to help reduce these costs.  This is a policy that will pay you cash for visiting a healthcare provider after getting hurt.  The monthly premium is only between $14 and $18 depending on how old you are and the payout is $250 per injury.  If you do the math, it really is a no brainer.  This is something I wish I had in place 2 years ago when I started racking up medical costs, it honestly would have been a life saver.  Click here to download a flier explaining the benefits of our HI policy.
For those of you who don’t currently have full medical, you would be crazy to play without it.  Open enrollment is starting on November 15 for 2015 and those of you that need to get your health insurance taken care of, please feel free to use me as a resource to help guide you through the process.
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