It's Time For Rugby

As summer comes to an end, and the days start to shorten, it is with great anticipation that I once again say, it's time for rugby!

I hope you are all enjoying the Rugby World Cup.  The first weekend has already started with some exciting games and unexpected results.  As a consequence of the Rugby World Cup I hope to see an increase in numbers and awareness of rugby at our first training session.

We had a fantastic year in 2015 and we expect this to continue into 2016.  After winning our division we now want to take the step to the next level.  This can only be achieved if everyone in the club pulls together and utilizes all our resources and skills.  Players need to be recruiting new players and sponsors, family and supporters need to be bringing in other friends, family and work colleagues to continue to grow our club.

Preseason Training

Our coaches have been preparing and are ready to start training.  The first session will be on October 6th, 2015.

Training will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm until 9pm at St John The Baptist, 1015 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 and will start at 7pm until 9pm.  There will be some Saturday training sessions, preseason games and then our season starts January 16th as we defend our D2 title from last year.

The schedule is now available here.


Our committee have been working hard to prepare for the new season and actively searching for sponsorship.  As a small club with limited resources we rely heavily on local business to support the club and we ask that you help us to keep the club's finances funded.  We need approximately $20,000 each year in order to successfully run the club.  This is difficult to find, even in Newport Beach, and we ask that each of you take a copy of the attached flyer and approach your own company, employer or friends to ask for assistance for the club.  There are multiple ways to sponsor the club that will help promote companies.

The goal for the sponsorship is to pay the essential fees and reduce the amount of funding that has to be provided directly from the players.  The sponsorship package also includes player sponsorship so every player should be trying to find a sponsor to avoid paying their own dues.

Click here to download the sponsorship flyer or contact Mike King at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

The Harp

Every rugby club needs a home bar and we are delighted to announce that The Harp Inn will once again be our home team bar.  Every Thursday after training we will be at the bar, after every home game and at any other opportunity.  They offer 10% discount to players and supporters.  Ask a player for a discount card.


As we continue to rebuild our club, this season has the potential to be another fantastic season and with the success from last year we have now set the standards that we must seek to reach and exceed.

I look forward to seeing you all you Sharks back out there at training at St Johns and on Saturdays at A Street.


Bradley Davidson