Start of Season

Back Bay kicked off their Division 3 challenge, a week later than planned due to a rain delay, against Eagle Rock.  Even this game had an impact with the rain changing the location, thankfully allowing Back Bay to share the San Fernando field that D2 was being played at.

Back Bay started the game with a host of new players competing for positions within the team, but the first points were put on the board with a returning player, Alex Rossi, putting a penalty over the posts after 10 minutes.

The lead only lasted for 5 minutes before Eagle Rock showed their determination and battled over the try line and converting.  Their momentum continued and Back Bay struggled to regain control, allowing Eagle Rock to score a second try and convert.  

After a brief few words of encouragement and reorganization, the Sharks turned the tied and started pressing hard, finally scoring with Marty Franco driving over the line for a hard fought try.  Rossi converted and the half ended 14-13.

Back Bay kicked off their season after an initial rain delay, with a road trip to San Fernando.  After a tough match against SFV at the end of last season the game was guaranteed to be a difficult road trip.

Back Bay lined up with a new roster of players who had been practicing together over the preseason but this was their first true test together and it took a bit of time for the team to start firing.

The game started with the new high tackle laws immediately impacting the team.  Back Bay's prop, Mike Preciado, was penalized early in the game for a high tackle and spent 10 minutes watching after receiving a yellow card.  That gave SFV the edge and they pressed hard to try to get points in the first 20 minutes.

Back Bay absorbed the pressure and managed to hold out until nearly half time.  As Back Bay began to dominate they finally were able to press over the line with a try from new player Andrew Morey, diving over the line close to the center, making the conversion for Zac Sepulveda an easy kick. 

Back Bay led 7-0 at half.