Back Bay kicked off their season after an initial rain delay, with a road trip to San Fernando.  After a tough match against SFV at the end of last season the game was guaranteed to be a difficult road trip.

Back Bay lined up with a new roster of players who had been practicing together over the preseason but this was their first true test together and it took a bit of time for the team to start firing.

The game started with the new high tackle laws immediately impacting the team.  Back Bay's prop, Mike Preciado, was penalized early in the game for a high tackle and spent 10 minutes watching after receiving a yellow card.  That gave SFV the edge and they pressed hard to try to get points in the first 20 minutes.

Back Bay absorbed the pressure and managed to hold out until nearly half time.  As Back Bay began to dominate they finally were able to press over the line with a try from new player Andrew Morey, diving over the line close to the center, making the conversion for Zac Sepulveda an easy kick. 

Back Bay led 7-0 at half.


After the restart SFV were ready to fight back and immediately put a lot of pressure on Back Bay, resulting in a try from Spencer McKendall after 5 minutes, converted by Jordan Craig.

The Sharks recovered from this and began putting some plays together and drove up the field until Mike Wendel was able to drive over the line, taking Back Bay ahead by 7 with the conversion from Sepulveda.

The momentum was now in the hands of the Sharks and this showed when a break in the backs led to a drive down the right wing from Elliot Freer before the ball made its way back inside for Taylor Alston to dive over the line.  Again, the conversion from Sepulveda was good to put Back Bay ahead 21-7.

The final try was scored and converted by Zac Sepulveda after running a direct line, and found with a neat inside switch from Taylor Alston to make the final score 28-7.

A few changes were made to relieve some tired legs and injuries.  Moe Charles was replaced by Ryan Lulow, Derrick Nguyen was replaced by Chris Abson and Elliott Freer was replace by Will Bailey.

Back Bay: Moe Charles, Miles Swaim, Mike Preciado, Andrew Morey, Justin Romans, Scott Surdyka, Andrew Zimmerman, Trevor Kearns, Taylor Alston, Adam Shorter, Derrick Nguyen, Mike Wendel, Zac Sepulveda, Artie Hernandez, Elliott Freer, Ryan Lulow, Martin Franco, Jonathan Arroyave, Davis Chang, Chris Abson, Brandon Octavio, Will Bailey