Back Bay kicked off their Division 3 challenge, a week later than planned due to a rain delay, against Eagle Rock.  Even this game had an impact with the rain changing the location, thankfully allowing Back Bay to share the San Fernando field that D2 was being played at.

Back Bay started the game with a host of new players competing for positions within the team, but the first points were put on the board with a returning player, Alex Rossi, putting a penalty over the posts after 10 minutes.

The lead only lasted for 5 minutes before Eagle Rock showed their determination and battled over the try line and converting.  Their momentum continued and Back Bay struggled to regain control, allowing Eagle Rock to score a second try and convert.  

After a brief few words of encouragement and reorganization, the Sharks turned the tied and started pressing hard, finally scoring with Marty Franco driving over the line for a hard fought try.  Rossi converted and the half ended 14-13.


The battle continued after the break but back in Eagle Rock's favor, with an early try taking them to 19-13.

An early change in the forwards, with veteran Carlos Jovel being replaced by Andy Zimmerman, helped bring some fresh legs into the mix.  An injury to the Back Bay scrumhalf, Landon Poirer, allowed Nifia Tonga to step into the scrumhalf roll with Brandon Octavio filling the gap left by Nifia.

The changes worked in Back Bay's favor and after a few phases, the Eagle Rock defense opened and allow Nifia to find Bradley Davidson on the wing to run in for another Back Bay try.

A few injuries led to an extra set of substitutions; Wes Pierce was replaced by Clark Sonksen, Elmer Noonan was replaced by Chris Abson.

As pressure continued, Back Bay scored after a phases and a break from Alex Rossi, to see him score and convert the try. 

The final score for the day was 25 - 19 to the Sharks.

Team: Martin Franco, Elmer Noonan, Carlos Jovel, David Valadez, Ryan Lulow, Cesar Chacon, Nathan Miller, Davis Chang, Landon Proirer, Alex Rossi, Wes Pierce, Holden Valentine, Cody Perez, Nifia Tonga, Bradley Davidson, Andrew Zimmerman, Clark Sonksen, Chris Abson, Lloyd Jones, Brandon Octavio.