Unofficial Touch Rugby is played socially at least twice a week in a "pick-up" format. 

Games are just for fun and a little fitness! 

No referee, no fee, all are welcome; kids, male, female.

Footwear: trainers or bare feet are fine, rubber /soft cleats (no metal cleats please). 

If the field is being used by other members of the public or is booked be respectful of space and others trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Under no circumstances are you to exclude people from a public field. 

Dates, Times and Locations: 

Wednesdays: 6:30 p.m. East Bluff Park Newport Beach.

Sundays: 9:00 a.m. Peninsula Park by Balboa Pier, "A-Street"

Rules: Touch Rugby is non-collision / no-tackle! Look after those new to the game and help them to learn the basics. 

A mouth guard / gum shield in case of accidental contact is advised. 

Here is a link to a set of basic rules to Touch Rugby. Note that we do not have referees so sportsmanship and self policing are required. The size of field and rules used will depend on the number of players, their ability and space available.

Use of profanity, foul language is unacceptable. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Good clean fun please. 

Touch Rugby is not a formal part of Back Bay Rugby. Participants play at their own risk.